Top Quality Minces

Best Beef; This comprises, but is not inclusive, of steak, joints, mince and other prime beef products normally destined for human consumption but is re categorised as Category 3 product, it is fresh and of good quality. It is minced through a larger plate than the chicken to keep it chunky. The beef is boneless.

Tripe; This is produced from lamb paunches, which has been minced. The tripe is washed clean so does not carry the usual green colour.

Chicken ; This comprises of the chicken bone, skin, and meat and is minced. This process ensures the benefit of feeding the bone content whilst eliminating any concerns you may have of feeding bone to your dog.

Pheasant; This is the carcass of the bird and quite meaty. Less bone content than the chicken mince Please be aware our minced Pheasant has been metal detected but there may still be traces of lead shot.

Minced Salmon; Best Scottish Salmon trim & heads (so you will see the eyes!!). Great source of omega3 fatty acids which is good for dogs coats.

Offal; This is exclusively our mix - usually comprising of  Ox liver, spleen & kidney, sometimes I'll add ox heart to make it less runny.

Use as  pet food only, keep apart from food. Wash hands and clean tools, utensils and surfaces after handling this product

Please feel free to contact me on the mobile 07767 358073 with any questions.




Minced Chicken 454g (1lb)

60p lb

Finely Minced Chicken 454g (1lb)

70p lb

Minced Salmon 454g (1lb)

70p lb

Minced Offal 454g (1lb)

80p lb

Finely Minced Pheasant 454g (1lb) Seasonal

90p lb

Minced Pheasant 454g (1lb) Seasonal

80p lb

Finely Minced Duck 454g (1lb) Seasonal

90p lb

Minced Duck 454g (1lb) Seasonal

80p lb

Minced Beef 454g (1lb)

80p lb

Minced Tripe 454g (1lb)

80p lb

Chunky Beef (per kilo)


Turkey Necks (large)


Turkey Necks (small)


Salmon Heads

80p each

Chicken Necks (per kilo)


Chicken Wings (per kilo)


Chicken Liver (per kilo)


Chicken Carcass

50p each

Chicken Carcass (Per Box approx 15kg)


Chicken Wings (Per Box approx. 20kg)


Chicken Drumsticks (Per Box approx. 10kg)


Rabbits (Seasonal)

2.50 each

Chicken Hearts (per kilo)


Lamb barrel cage bones

80p each

Lamb meaty neck bones

80p each

Beast Liver (per kilo)


Lamb hearts (per kilo)


Beast Heart (per kilo)


Duck Necks (per kilo)


 Lamb ribs per bag


Filled hooves

70p each

Pots of meaty blood

40p each

Whole Sheep Tripe's (paunch)

1.00 each


Large Pork Rinds 2.50 each
Pigs Ears 1.15 each
Buffalo ears 1.10 each
Cows Ears 1.00 for 2
Puffed chicken feet & dried chicken feet 30p each
Bags of dried tripe sticks 2.50
Pork inner ears 30p each
Bags of Rabbit ears 4.00
Small Pigs in blankets 55p
Large Pigs in blankets 1.10
Various flavoured sausages 50p each
Bags of sprats 2.50
Empty cows hooves 50p each
Bags of pigs tails 2.50
Dried duck wings 30p each
Large buffalo horns 5.00  each
Buffalo wrapped dried trachea 1.50 each
Beef Slices with hair 80p each
Single dried tripe sticks 40p each
Bags of dried duck treat 2.50
Bags of dried chicken hearts 2.50
Bags of dried puffed jerky 2.50
Bags of dried goat strips 2.50
Bags of dried venison strips 2.50
Bags of dried wild boar strips 2.50
Bags of dried pig snouts 2.50
Bottles of Salmon Oil 250ml 3.20
Bags of seaweed 1lb 4.00
Day old chicks 20p each
Mince filled trachea Various prices